GTA V San Andreas, Avionics, Car Thief — Best LibertyCity Mods of the Month

30 September 2023

Thanks to modifications, classic games can remain relevant many years after their release. The iconic GTA San Andreas, which gamers have been enhancing for almost 20 years, is no exception. They make its graphics more realistic, add new mechanics and fix the game's bugs.

Today we have chosen the 10 best mods for GTA San Andreas, which will give you new emotions from the game.

GTA V San Andreas

GTA 5 turned 10 years old this month. Despite this, many fans never played the game for various reasons. Modder ACH Games decided to make the famous Rockstar project more accessible. He transferred to GTA San Andreas skins, models, textures, sounds, effects, music and all missions from GTA 5.

It took ACH Games more than eight years to create the modification. GTA V San Andreas is a great opportunity to go through the story of GTA 5 with new impressions.


GTA San Andreas is loved by many gamers because of the wide choice of transport. In the world of the game you can travel on different cars, boats or airplanes. The Avionics mod is designed for fans of aircraft in GTA San Andreas. It adds to the game a variety of systems that are used by pilots during flight. The mod is great for playing on role-playing servers.

GTA World 2

GTA World 2 is a modification in the style of Need For Speed. The mod adds new races, chases, supercars, tracks and challenges to GTA San Andreas. Special attention in the project is paid to customisation and upgrades of cars. The mod also offers players a new storyline.


The protagonist of GTA San Andreas for the first time in the series learned to climb over an obstacle. This innovation diversified gameplay, but the character still had limitations in movement.

This mod allows CJ to move sideways by catching on a ledge. The character can hang down if he stands on the edge of a roof, and he can also jump backwards by pushing off the wall. The modification will be useful in missions and chases.

The mod is available for PC, Android and iOS.

Vehicles from GTA 4 and GTA 5

Tired of the original GTA San Andreas transport, and real life cars break the atmosphere of the game? Your choice is a huge collection of cars from GTA 4 and GTA 5.

The mod features more than 100 models of cars that work correctly in all GTA San Andreas missions and can be used on SAMP servers.

GTA SA Next Beta

During the development of GTA San Andreas, a lot of material was cut from the game. In the files of the title remained a lot of unused interiors, missions, transport and characters. The GTA SA Next Beta modification restores content from the beta version of the game. This project is a good choice to understand what the game was planned in the early stages of creation.


GTA San Andreas significantly diversified the shooting mechanics that were available in the previous instalments of the series. The character could shoot from different positions, shoot with two hands and increase his skill with weapons. Modder Artem. has enhanced the mechanics by adding the ability to shoot from cover.

The modification adds the ability to take cover behind walls, cars and other objects, with the possibility of aimed fire or blind fire. You can run from one cover to another, move along obstacles and choose the necessary position when firing.

CoverMod will help you to save the protagonist in gunfights and make the game much more realistic.

Jetpack Adjuster

Jetpack is one of the most fan-favourite transports of GTA San Andreas, as well as a real symbol of the game. It allowed the player to climb to the most inaccessible places, and also to shoot on the fly. Modder Bloodriver the Conqueror decided that the jetpack deserves more attention and diversified its functionality.

The jetpack can now be used with most of the game's arsenal. The player can set its speed, send it into free flight or hover in the air. It is possible to jump out of the jetpack in the air and land using a parachute.

Police react to traffic violations

In the vanilla GTA San Andreas cops did not care about the speed of the player. You could drive past a police car at any speed. Modification adds to the game a system of wanted for traffic violations.

The police of the game will chase the player for breaking speed limits, which are different in the city and in the countryside, for collision with another vehicle or object in front of the police.

The player will be chased by the police patrol to pay the fine. If you evade the chase in the short time or pay the fine, you can continue driving.

Car Thief

The modification adds a new mini-game to GTA San Andreas. The player will have to complete a mission to steal and transport one of 142 cars located across the state map. During the execution of the order the player may encounter competitors and undercover police. To complete the order you need to keep the vehicle in good condition.


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