Insulting Passersby, Environmental Kills, Enhanced Vegetation — Best LibertyCity Mods of the Month

21 August 2023

Let's continue to enhance classic Rockstar Games titles with fan mods. This time we have collected the best modifications that add new mechanics, animations and variety to the gameplay of GTA San Andreas.

Insulting Passersby

GTA San Andreas perfectly captured the spirit of the troubled neighborhoods of LA in the 90s. There is also a war for territories in the game, and the streets of the cities are a danger to random passersby. The new mod allows the game's protagonist to insult NPCs to make them realize that they have entered the wrong neighborhood.

After installing the modification, Carl will be able to use 30 insults generated by AI in random order. To activate it, you need to press E and the right mouse button.

2D Platformer

Modder Artem. added to GTA San Andreas a new mini-game in 2D. In it you have to get out of a burning building in a limited time. The modification features gunfights, platforming, safes cracking, bicycle riding and passing through mazes.

There are two modes in the modification. In the simpler one, the character's health will be restored after each level, the complicated version offers to pass the game without restoring HP.

Realistic Peds

Many players seem boring behavior and appearance of NPCs in GTA San Andreas. The new mod is designed to solve this problem. It adds the ability to passersby to talk on the phone, read, eat, smoke or drink while walking.

In hot weather peds can use an umbrella. Old people walk with canes and businessmen with diplomats. Sometimes passersby stop a cab or play a guitar.

Environmental Kills

The GTA series is famous for its brutality. The player has access to various schools of martial arts. The new mod will diversify the combat system of the game with kills, which the character performs with the use of environmental objects. New techniques make the game similar to a Beat Em Up.

You can throw your opponent into a trash can, drop a bunch of boxes on him or put his head into a pay phone. For such a kill, the player will get a wanted star, if there are police nearby, passersby will watch or run away in panic.

The mechanics work well with the Project Props mod, which adds a lot of trash and other objects to the map.

Enhanced Vegetation

Many players consider that the PlayStation 2 version of GTA San Andreas is the best. They note that the vegetation in it is realized much better than on the PC. Modification adds to the game enhanced grass and flowers.

The mod has four variants of grass. On weak PCs it is possible FPS drops.


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