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How to install savegames for GTA: San Andreas

16 July 2020

If you don’t want to complete half of the game to unlock some of game features or map regions. Presumably, most of us like having fun in the game more than completing the game. How can you have fun if you need to have all kinds of weapons and maxed out player stats that can be unreachable at the game start?
Sure, you are able to use cheat codes, but there is a safer way: keep your own saves and have fun in a separate save. It will help you to return to your fair playthrough.

The following universal instruction will help you install game saves in case you have a problem with them. If you will have difficulties installing a certain mod, you can contact our staff and provide them with the link for the mod.

How to install savegames for GTA: San Andreas

Savegame installation for GTA: San Andreas

All of the saves are located in ‘GTA San Andreas User Files’ folder located in ‘My Documents’ folder. Save files are named ‘GTASAsfX.b’, where X stands for the save slot. You can download any game save from our website and move it to ‘GTA San Andreas User Files’ folder. Make sure to not rewrite your own save data by mistake!

If this instruction was not helpful, you can ask for assistance from our staff, they will be glad to help.

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