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How to install ENB mods for GTA: San Andreas

16 July 2020

One of the easiest ways to enhance graphics in GTA: San Andreas is to install one of ENBSeries mods. ENB is a graphic framework including a set of modern shaders which can be applied to different games to improve its graphics.

The list of effects ranges from color correction, which makes the picture more colorful and definitive, to sophisticated graphic effects such as Depth of Field. ENB can work with many different presets due to its modular structure, which allows it to be used with almost any PC.

The following universal instruction will help you install ENB mods in case you have a problem with them. If you will have difficulties installing a certain mod, you can contact our staff and provide them with the link for the mod.

How to install ENB mods for GTA: San Andreas

ENB mod installation for GTA: San Andreas

First of all, you need to make sure ASI loader library is installed. You can download the latest version of the library from our website. After you download the library, copy all of the contents of the archive to the installation folder of the game.

After you download a ENB mod you want to install, copy all of the files from the archive to the game installation folder.

If a mod is not working, or this instruction was not helpful, you can ask for assistance from our staff, they will be glad to help.

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