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How to install weapon mods for GTA: San Andreas

16 July 2020

Despite wide weapons arsenal in the series, after a while you might want to add a new gun. GTA: San Andreas continues the tradition of its predecessors and allows adding new weapons. You will definitely find what you are looking for, our file archive has all kinds of weapons ranging from typical gangster guns to military weapons which can still be used effectively while completing missions.

The following universal instruction will help you install weapon mods in case you have a problem with them. If you have difficulties installing a certain mod, you can contact our staff and provide them with the link for the mod.

How to install weapon mods for GTA: San Andreas

Weapon mod installation for GTA: San Andreas

To install any texture mod from our website, please download and install ModLoader plugin. To do so, copy modloader folder and modloader.asi to GTA: San Andreas installation folder. Create a new folder with any name (e.g. MyNewGuns) in ‘modloader’ folder. Move all the files from the downloaded mod archive to this folder. Done! You should be able to find new weapons in the game.

If a mod does not work, please make sure ASI loader is installed.

If a mod is not working, or this instruction was not helpful, you can ask for assistance from our staff, they will be glad to help.

Freeway MKIII

9 March 2018 GTA San Andreas
Hello! This time I represent a motorcycle, again made in the style of "Low Quality". Features: - A major alteration. - Adaptation to the plugin "IVF". - New own sounds. - Two versions, with coats and without. Also on the headlights a...

Freeway HD

23 January 2012 GTA San Andreas
Here, the fourteenth modification of my project, did from the concept (from scratch), a beautiful motorcycle - Harley Davidson, in the game looks too big, because. I could not find suitable drawings on the whole Internet, I did it on the photo, but n...

Vice City Freeway

11 August 2012 GTA San Andreas
Freeway from Gta Vc - smoke comes from two pipes (in SA version only 1) - working light engineering - adapted in SA: MP Also in the archive there is a Bonus