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How to install new missions for GTA: San Andreas

16 July 2020

Mission mods is one of the most popular mod categories for the game. There are many different mission mods provided in our archive: missions based on the main storyline of GTA: San Andreas, spin-offs with completely new stories or even alternative tasks ported from previous games.

How to install missions? The following instruction is universal and is applicable for installing most missions made for GTA: San Andreas. If you will have difficulties installing a certain mission, you can contact our staff and provide them with the link for the mod.

How to install new missions for GTA: San Andreas

Mission installation for GTA: San Andreas

To install the mission mod, you need to download and ]install DYOM. DYOM files must be copied to ‘GTA San Andreas User Files’ folder which can be located in ‘My Documents’ folder. The missions are then installed in a similar way - the files must also be copied to ‘GTA San Andreas User Files’ folder.

Sometimes mission authors add other modifications specifically for their missions. To install these mods, please download and install ModLoader plugin. To do so, copy modloader folder and modloader.asi to GTA: San Andreas installation folder. Create a new folder with any name (e.g. MyNewMissions) in ‘modloader’ folder. Move all the files from the downloaded mod archive to this folder. Done! The mods provided for the missions are installed.

If a mod does not work, please make sure ASI loader is installed.

If a mod is not working, or this instruction was not helpful, you can ask for assistance from our staff, they will be glad to help.

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