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How to install vehicle mods for GTA: San Andreas

16 July 2020

The variety of vehicles can be considered one of the main pros of Grand Theft Auto series. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, trains and even military vehicles - GTA: San Andreas offers truly wide choice of vehicles.

However, the car park can be expanded further free of charge and with little effort. Many wonder: how to install vehicles in GTA: San Andreas? The following instruction applies to most of the vehicle mods, but if you have any questions remaining, you can ask our staff for assistance.

How to install vehicle mods for GTA: San Andreas

Vehicle mod installation for GTA: San Andreas

To install any new vehicle from our website, please download and install ModLoader plugin. To do so, copy modloader folder and modloader.asi to GTA: San Andreas installation folder. Create a new folder with any name (e.g. MyNewCar) in ‘modloader’ folder. Move all the files from the downloaded mod archive to this folder. Done! Installation is complete, now you need to find this vehicle somewhere in the state of San Andreas.

If mod does not work, please make sure ASI loader is installed.

If mod is not working, or this instruction was not helpful, you can ask for assistance from our staff, they will be glad to help.

2010 Audi Q7

17 August 2012 GTA San Andreas
Well-designed textures; Realistic light; HQ salon; Own shadow.

Winchester Model 1887

7 April 2012 GTA San Andreas
Kind time of day gentlemen! I present my next work - Winchester Model 1887. M1887 was the first truly successful multi-shot gun. Initially, John Browning offered a pomp mechanism as more suitable for a multi-shot rifle, but Winchester insisted...


17 June 2013 GTA San Andreas
Security from the movie "Project X". I tried to make the skin model itself look like one of the security, namely Everett. Have a good game!