In GTA Online, a new event with discounts on transport and rewards will be held until March 27th

21 March 2024

Starting from today (March 21st) until March 27th, a new event will be taking place in GTA Online, during which gamers can expect rewards for participating in various races and a photo hunt.

Event features:

  • A HVY T-shirt for purchasing the HVY APC, HVY Insurgent Pickup, or HVY Chernobog;
  • A free Obey 8F Drafter car (available at Legendary Motorsport until April 3rd);
  • Double payouts and experience for participating in the photo hunt, drift races, and transport wars;
  • A 40% discount on the B-11 Strikeforce plane, HVY APC armored transporter, HVY Chernobog truck, and HVY Insurgent pickup;
  • A 30% discount on Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec and Pegassi Weaponized Ignus vehicles;
  • A 25% discount on upgrades and modifications at the scrap warehouse;
  • $100,000 for participating in six drift races;
  • Heists (The McTony Robbery, The Cargo Ship Robbery, and The Gangbanger Robbery);
  • Premium races and weekly challenges.

As a reminder, rumors suggest that Rockstar Games may reveal a new trailer for GTA 6 in April.

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