GTA Online is set to host a new event where the Albany Cavalcade XL car will be added to the game

11 January 2024

GTA Online is expected to kick off a new in-game event today (January 11th), which will last until January 17th. The Albany Cavalcade XL car is set to be added to the game and will be available for purchase at the Luxury Autos dealership.

Event features:

  • New Albany Cavalcade XL car;
  • Triple payouts and experience for the Community Series;
  • Double payouts and experience for participating in Drop Zone Adversary Mode and Tow Truck Services;
  • 30% discounts on the Enus Cognoscenti 55 (armored), Invetero Coquette BlackFin, Ocelot Locust, and Vysser Neo;
  • 40% discount on the double-barreled shotgun and foam cannon;
  • Premium races, challenges, and test drives.

As a reminder, Red Dead Online also recently started an in-game event with rewards.

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