Rockstar Games has released an album with music from GTA Online

15 December 2023

Rockstar Games and funk musician, vocalist, and producer Damon Garrett Riddick, better known as DaM-FunK, have released an album featuring 15 musical tracks from Grand Theft Auto Online. It is already available on all major music streaming services, including Spotify and ‎Apple Music.


  1. HEALTH — Arena Wars;
  2. DaM-FunK — The Contract – Mass;
  3. &ME — The Cayo Perico Heist I;
  4. James Curd — Executives And Other Criminals;
  5. Soulwax — Los Santos Drug Wars;
  6. DaM-FunK — The Contract – Space;
  7. Oh No — Lowriders;
  8. Holy Fuck — Bikers;
  9. Take A Daytrip — Import/Export;
  10. DaM-FunK — The Contract – The Journey;
  11. Nick Hook — The Diamond Casino Heist;
  12. Rampa — The Cayo Perico Heist II;
  13. Show Me The Body — Smuggler’s Run;
  14. DaM-FunK — The Contract – House Call;
  15. DaM-FunK — The Contract – Smooth Kill.

Earlier, let's remind, a major content update The Chop Shop was released for Grand Theft Auto Online on PC and consoles, which introduced a new business related to car theft and selling high-end vehicles, along with new vehicles, drift races, weapons, cosmetic items, and more into the game.

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