The preload of the winter update for GTA Online has started on PS4 and PS5

10 December 2023

Preloading of the upcoming winter update for Grand Theft Auto Online has begun on PlayStation consoles. It weighs in at 3 GB on the PS4 and 6.2 GB on the PS5. The update currently lacks an official name or release date. It is anticipated that the announcement will happen on December 11th, with the release set for the 12th.

The winter update will introduce a business related to car theft, dismantling, and sales into Grand Theft Auto Online, along with drift racing, new vehicles, holiday game modes, and various gameplay enhancements. Additionally, Yusuf Amir from The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion for Grand Theft Auto 4 will return in the update.

Earlier, let's remind, an AI turned the characters from the famous TV show Friends into GTA characters.

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