From November 30th to December 11th, GTA Online will host a new event with in-game bonuses

30 November 2023

From November 30th to December 11th, GTA Online will feature a new in-game event, during which gamers can expect increased rewards and various bonuses.

Event features:

  • Double money and experience for participating in Project Overthrow and Sumo;
  • A Galaxy livery for the Mammoth Avenger can be obtained by logging in;
  • 40% discount on hangar properties, as well as vehicles like the Coil Cyclone, Enus Stafford, Invetero Coquette D10, and Lampadati Viseris;
  • 30% discount on the operation center upgrade, garage (Eclipse Boulevard), and vehicles such as the Annis 300R, Benefactor LM87, Grotti Visione, Mammoth Streamer 216, and Principe Deveste Eight;
  • 20% discount on the muscle car Bravado Buffalo EVX;
  • Premium races and challenges;
  • Test drives.

As a reminder, we recently reported that GTA Online was nominated for The Game Awards 2023.

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