Very soon, a new FiveM server will be launched in GTA Online, offering gamers arcade gameplay

18 November 2023

The popular YouTube channel GTA Series Videos will soon launch its own server in GTA Online, based on the FiveM modification. Participants can look forward to arcade-style fun and features based on player feedback.

«Free Mode can be joined at any time through its portal in the Server Hub with a choice of San Andreas and Cayo Perico. Explore and enjoy both locations at your own pace using your favorite vehicles, clothes, and weapons»‎, — the description says.

According to the authors, they have optimized the showroom and the vehicle board, adding faster navigation for finding new cars.

Players in free mode will have access to a military-grade arsenal of weapons, which can be used to cause major havoc on the streets of San Andreas or Cayo Perico.

More about GTA Series Arcade can be found on the Discord channel. The authors have announced that the server is planned to launch on November 19th.

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