Today in GTA Online, a new event with two challenges and rewards will begin

9 November 2023

Today (November 9th) in GTA Online, a new in-game event is set to kick off. As part of this event, gamers will have access to two community challenges, each offering special rewards.

The Sprunk & eCola competition will be available until November 29th. Players will need to consume 100 million cans of Sprunk and eCola. In return, they can receive special license plates, Sprunk x eCola bodysuits, and a custom paint job for the Mammoth F-160 Raiju airplane.

The second contest is called Simeon's Employee of the Month Challenge. It will last until November 15th. Gamers will need to earn 15 billion dollars as part of the "Simeon's Export" program to later receive a special paint job for a new car.

Other event features include:

  • Five times more money for taxi work;
  • Three times more money and experience for Simeon's Export Requests, VIP work, and Kill Quota;
  • Double money and experience for sell missions (import/export);
  • 50% discount on offices, vehicle warehouses, HSW Conversion Costs, as well as Grotti Cheetah and Pegassi Infernus cars;
  • 40% discount on Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT, Obey 9F Cabrio, Ocelot Locust, Pfister 811, Progen GP1, and Vysser Neo cars;
  • 25% discount on the Mammoth F-160 Raiju airplane.

As a reminder, Rockstar Games recently officially announced the GTA 6 trailer, which is expected to be shown in December.

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