In GTA Online, unique Mexican masks can be obtained until November 8

2 November 2023

Today (November 2), a new event is expected in GTA Online (available until November 8), during which gamers will be able to get unique Mexican masks — Calaca.

Here's what awaits players:

  • Royal Calaca Mask, Romance Calaca Mask, Floral Calaca Mask, and the Orange DJ Pooh Tee in honor of the Day of the Dead;
  • 3X GTA$ & RP — Hunting Pack (Remix);
  • 2X GTA$ & RP — Short Trips and Security Contracts;
  • 50% discounts on Bravado Youga Classic and Coil Voltic;
  • 40% discounts on property, upgrades in the car workshop, as well as Dewbauchee Champion, Enus Jubilee, and Western Reever vehicles;
  • 30% discounts on Imani modifications and Penaud La Coureuse sports car;
  • Free vehicles: Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec (The Lucky Wheel Podium) and Gallivanter Baller ST (award in the prize race);
  • Premium races and challenges: The Commute, LSIA II, as well as a competition on the track between Ron Alternates and Elysian Island;
  • Test drives: Declasse Granger 3600LX, Nagasaki Shinobi, Obey I-Wagen, Pfister Astron, Western Reever, Dewbauchee Champion, Enus Jubilee, Coil Voltic, Ocelot Jackal, Schyster Fusilade, and Coil Cyclone II.

Recall, recently new Halloween content was added to GTA Online.

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