GTA Online receives new Halloween content

26 October 2023

Rockstar Games has released a fresh Halloween update for GTA Online, featuring various activities, discounts, and gifts. With the arrival of Halloween, the expanses of San Andreas are filled with paranormal phenomena, including driverless vehicles, UFOs, and possessed animals.

Festive activities include:

  • Taking pictures of ghosts to unlock the Ghosts Exposed livery for the Albany Brigham vehicle;
  • The rare Halloween vehicles are back, including the Albany Franken Stange sports car, LCC Sanctus motorcycle, Chariot sedan, Albany Lurcher muscle car, and Declasse Tornado Rat Rod sports car;
  • Logging into the game rewards players with the White Skull Mask and Halloween-themed Parachute Bag;
  • Collecting pumpkin lanterns awards bonus GTA$ and rare Halloween items;
  • The Camhedz arcade machine has returned to game rooms;
  • Participation in Business Battles grants a three-fold increase in rewards. Additionally, players can earn one of four unique masks – «Conquest,» «Famine,» «War,» or «Death»;
  • Halloween-themed game modes have made a comeback, including «Alien Survivals,» «Judgment Day,» «Slasher,» «Slashers,» «Lost vs. Damned,» and a series of bunker missions.

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