In GTA Online, gamers will be able to get Day of the Dead style masks

26 October 2023

Today (October 26), a fresh update for GTA Online should be released, in which, according to insider Tez2, gamers are expected to get cool Day of the Dead style masks (holiday name).

Here are the masks players will be able to get:

  • Green vintage skull mask;
  • White vintage skull mask;
  • Brown vintage skull mask;
  • Royal Calacus mask;
  • Sea Calacus mask;
  • Romantic Calacus mask;
  • Floral Calacus mask.

In addition, as part of the Halloween event, players will be abducted by UFOs if they approach it, starting this Saturday. As a reward, you can get a unique T-shirt.

In addition, discounts will be available for the following transport:

  • Albany Fränken Stange (50%)
  • Albany Roosevelt Valor (50%)
  • Chariot Romero Hearse (50%)
  • Declasse Tornado Rat Rod (50%)
  • Western Zombie Bobber (50%)
  • Albany Lurcher (40%)
  • LCC Sanctus (40%)
  • Overflöd Autarch (40%)
  • Penaud La Coureuse (20%).
  • For participating in Condemned mode, you can get triple the amount of money and reputation points. Double rewards will be available in Halloween modes.

Halloween content:

  • Collectible items (200 pumpkin lanterns);
  • Camheadz arcade machine;
  • Halloween masks, horns, and face paints;
  • Albany Brigham livery for ghost photos;
  • Phantom Cars event;
  • Possessed Animals event;
  • UFO business battles.

Remember, in the near future, rumors suggest there may be an announcement of GTA 6, the page of which appeared on Metacritic.

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