In GTA Online, you'll be able to get three unique masks. A new car will be added to the game for $1.5 million

12 October 2023

A new event is expected in GTA Online today, during which gamers will be able to get three cool masks for character customization. Each one has a unique sound.

Here's what will be available to gamers during the event:

  • Green Vintage Witch Mask (for logging into the game);
  • Light Green Vintage Vampire Mask (for bunker resupply missions);
  • Orange Vintage Werewolf Mask (for bunker stock selling missions);
  • New transport — Albany Brigham (costs 1.5 in-game dollars);
  • UFO Sightseeing event;
  • New collectible Halloween event — «Ghost Hunt»;
  • Previous Halloween events — «Phantom Car» and «UFO Business Battles».

We remind you, a new rumor about GTA 6 has appeared online, which detailed graphic innovations and features of the updated engine.

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