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New 18 Cars Coming to GTA Online, Data Miner Claims

25 July 2022

Data miner WildBrick142 revealed new details of the GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises update. The game will add 18 new cars, as well as a metal detector.

New cars:

In our analysis of the update trailer we showcased some of the listed cars.

  • kanjosj;
  • lm87;
  • omnisegt;
  • postlude;
  • rhinehart;
  • ruiner4;
  • sm722;
  • tenf;
  • torero2;
  • vigero2.

New cars for Benny's workshop:

  • brioso(brioso3);
  • sentinel classic (sentinel4);
  • tenf(tenf2);
  • weevil (weevil2).

Greenwood and Omnise GT cars can be upgraded at Imani's workshop. Players will be able to call Tony to get a limo ride.

New events are coming to GTA Online, such as delivering ammo, fighting intruders in a nightclub, and collecting bags for the club. A metal detector will be available in the game, but its purpose is not disclosed.

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