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Tommy Vercetti, Lara Croft and Geralt of Rivia — best GTA Online characters cosplays of this week

18 March 2022

We continue our traditional cosplay section from GTA Online. This week brought us some impressive characters created in the game editor.

Solid Snake Metal Gear

Author: JayzRebellion15.

Tommy Vercetti

Author: M4rtyK4y.

Author: Ahh_Lovely_Pints.

Author: chris95rx7500.

Lara Croft

Author: Sk8d3r.

Claude from GTA 3

Author: itbettersnow.

Author: Cerecero21.

Geralt of Rivia

Author: HitmeTrevor.

Niko Bellic

Author: LEEH1989.


Author: NotASynth499.

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