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Huge money glitch found in GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist

28 January 2022

A new glitch has been found in GTA Online. It gives you a free access in the vault with a lot of GTA$. YouTube creator Warg has posted a video, where he showed how you can get into El Rubio estate's vault through the wall without cheats.

To get through the wall you need to activate first person view, jump on the fence and spam W and D buttons while rotating the camera with your mouse. You will get teleported into the building. You will be able to collect the gold by yourself in solo and you won't need another player.

Warg also found a way to get into basement in solo mode. You need to move the box and plant it vertically. After that you will need to push W and D buttons in first person view and rotate the camera. This will push your character under the floor to the vault with the gold bars.

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