The Contract missions will be similar to heists: data miners leak GTA Online update features

14 December 2021

Data miners WildBrick142 and alloc8or leaked some feature of the upcoming The Contract update for GTA Online.


Story structure will be similar to heists. That means we will get smaller missions and preparations, followed by a finale.

The Agency contact will provide a company SUV, going off the radar, or finding a bike by phone.

Three new weapons — Stun Gun, Compact EMP Launcher, and the Heavy Rifle. The stun gun will be different from the one in single player.

There will be 4 locations for the Agency. The cheapest one will cost 2 million GTA$.

The Agency is customizable. You can choose artwork, color, wallpaper, personal quarters, armory, and a vehicle workshop.

15 new vehicles: Cinquemila, Reever, and Shinobi. There will also be a new Granger and Baller variant. And of course the Deity, a new Patriot, Buffalo variant, Champion and Jubilee, and a new Comet variant (the S2 Cabrio).

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