GTA 5's Franklin officially back in GTA Online new update The Contract

8 December 2021

Rockstar Games officially announced new GTA Online update. GTA Online: The Contract will be centered around Franklin Clinton, one of the original protagonists of the GTA 5 single-player mode.

The trailer for the update also gives us a look at Dr. Dre and Lamar Davis who again voiced by his original actor Gerald Johnson. The Contract will introduce Franklin's new agency that solves all kind of problems for celebrities and music producers will be highly involved.

The player will get a chance to become a partner of, wait for it, F. Clinton and Partner agency. It seems the first big task for the player will be to find Dr. Dre's mobile phone with unreleased music.

The Contract will give us a wild ride from Franklin’s old neighborhood to the hottest parties in the city and the offices of the FIB. We will be also introduced to hacker hacker Imani, and Chop the Dog will get a comeback too.

The update also includes some new locations, guns, cars and variety of new music including of course some Dr. Dre hits and unreleased tracks.

GTA Online: The Contract will arrive on December 15th on all platforms.

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