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GTA Online: Special vehicle week

3 October 2020

Weekly update was released on the 1st of October, the day GTA Online turned 7 years old, however, the developers either forgot about the date or ignored it. Players have still received many bonuses, discounts, and new Wheel of Fortune vehicle. What’s new in GTA Online this week?

GTA Online: Special vehicle week

Double rewards

Players will receive twice GTA$ and RP for completing special vehicle missions, business battles, Diamond Adversary series. To start a special vehicle mission, use a SecuroServ laptop.

GTA Online: Special vehicle week

New T-Shirts

Red Diamond Classic and Claim What’s Yours t-shirts are now available. To receive “Red Diamond Classic” t-shirt, you need to log into the game until the 7th of October. You can receive second tee by winning in a business battle

GTA Online: Special vehicle week

New Wheel of Fortune vehicle: Coil Brawler

The vehicle is available for purchase for GTA$715.000. Alternatively, you can claim it this week for free in Wheel of Fortune.

GTA Online: Special vehicle week


  • Phantom Wedge: 40%
  • Blazer Aqua: 40%
  • Phantom Wedge: 40%
  • BF Club: 25%
  • Offices: 40%
  • Office upgrades: 30%
  • Vehicle warehouses: 25%

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