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How to Start Taxi Work in GTA Online

22 January 2023

GTA Online adds Taxi Work with Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. This guide will help you to start working as a Taxi driver, to choose the best car for the job, and to tell you how much GTA$ you may earn.

How to start Taxi Work?

You need to visit the Downtown Cab Company to start Taxi Work in GTA Online. This location is marked with a car icon on your map. Get in the white marker to start working as a Taxi Driver.

The job is simple: pick up a customer and take them to their destination. In the bottom right corner of your screen you will see the cost of your fare (it's pretty low, around $100) and the customer's tip (starting at $2,000). If you drive poorly and crash, your tip will decrease.

Your fare and tips will increase with each new customer. Completing 10 fares in a row unlocks the better price for the personal Taxi car.

Can you start Taxi Work with any vehicle?

You can only start Taxi Work with a specific vehicle. If you already own a Taxi, you can call the Pegasus Lifestyle Management Call Centre and obtain one for a fee of $200.

We do not recommend you purchasing the Taxi from Warstock Cache & Carry. Firstly, you don't need to buy the expensive Taxi to get started Taxi Work. Secondly, the Taxi cannot be customized or even repainted. Secondly, the car cannot be placed in your garage with other cars.

Players who have reached Sponsorship Tier 25 in Arena War modes can use their red Taxi to do Taxi Work.

Can you earn money doing Taxi Work?

This is not a good way to make GTA$ in GTA Online and the profit is very low. Also, your fare and tips don't increase after 10 customers. This job is perfect for those who are tired of robberies and other activities and just want to work for fun.

How to unlock GTA Online Downtown Cab Co Taxi Liveries?

Complete 50 Taxi Fares and 10 Stunt Jumps during Taxi Work to unlock the Downtown Cab Company livery for the Classique Broadway & Willard Eudora. However, you won't be able to complete Taxi missions with them.

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