Jason Schreier: GTA 6 is not being pushed back to 2026

29 March 2024

The discussion around the Kotaku article, which reported on the possible delay of GTA 6 to 2026, continues online. This time, the most authoritative insider—Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier—has spoken out.

According to Schreier, fans have nothing to worry about at the moment. Thousands of people are working on GTA 6, and so far, there are no clear signs that the game will be postponed to 2026.

At the same time, the journalist noted that predicting the release date makes no sense at all. Game development is too unpredictable a process, and anything could happen by the end of 2025. For instance, the recent requirement by Rockstar to return to office work could lead to employee resignations and logistical problems, which ultimately could result in a delay.

"Of course there’s a possibility that Grand Theft Auto 6 will slip out of 2025. Rockstar’s previous game, Red Dead Redemption 2, was originally announced for release in 2017 and was delayed twice before it landed in October 2018. This new Grand Theft Auto is already arriving later than anyone at Rockstar could have anticipated a decade ago when they first started conceiving it.

Game development is a messy, nonlinear process beset by the biggest challenges of both technology and art. A game must function as expected and, at the same time, must be beautiful, interesting and fun. Thousands of people are working on Grand Theft Auto 6, many in their own silos where they are writing code for weather physics or recording actor performances or hunting for bugs on the streets of fake Miami. Their jobs are all intertwined and dependent on one another, and a single bottleneck — such as a level layout taking longer than anticipated or script pages arriving late — can have cascading effects across every discipline, snowballing over time," writes Schreier.

GTA 6 will initially be released only on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The PC release will follow later.

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