Will GTA 6 Run at 60 FPS on PS5 Pro: Digital Foundry Weighs In

20 March 2024

Technical experts from the YouTube channel Digital Foundry have released an extensive video discussing the specifications of the PlayStation 5 Pro. During the conversation, they also speculated whether the more powerful console could run games at 60 FPS instead of 30 FPS on the standard PlayStation 5.

According to analysts, miracles shouldn't be expected. The console will operate on a slightly improved version of the old processor, with a power increase of around 10%. Because of this, the frame rate is unlikely to double.


"The upshot of this is that games are targeting 30 FPS are not gonna be targeting 60 frames per seconed on Playstation 5 Pro if their CPU limited. So you know, all of the sort of conjectures that this is going to be a great box for GTA 6, we'll be able to run that at 60 FPS, unless there's some magical CPU stuff being done by Rockstar. I suggest that's not gonna happen," said Richard Leadbetter.

However, this doesn't mean that GTA 6 will perform identically on both consoles. The Pro version will feature a more powerful GPU with enhanced ray tracing, so its owners will definitely get the best experience.

The PlayStation 5 Pro is set to be released next fall. The release of GTA 6 is planned for 2025.

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