«Florida Joker», who accused GTA 6 authors of stealing his image, finds a new target — «The Crow» movie

16 March 2024

For several months, Lawrence Sullivan, better known as the «Florida Joker,» has been threatening Rockstar Games with a lawsuit for allegedly illegally using his image for a character from the GTA 6 trailer. It seems he has now found a new victim.

In his recent video message, the «Florida Joker» accused the upcoming movie «The Crow» of the fact that the image of the main character (Eric Draven), played by Bill Skarsgard, was «ripped off» from his appearance.

«We need to talk, The Crow», — Lawrence Sullivan declared in his usual manner.

You can find out more about who the «Florida Joker» is and why he gained fame in the GTA community here.

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