Analyst believes that GTA 6 will become the most important game ever released

14 March 2024

Recently, analyst Mat Piscatella from Circana shared his opinion regarding GTA 6. According to him, this game will become the most important one ever released.

He discussed this in a conversation with a journalist from GamesIndustry.biz, addressing the financial prospects in the gaming industry.

He believes that in 2025, interest rates may decrease, which will create a certain momentum in the game development cycle and increase gamers' interest in many projects, including GTA 6.

The loudest titles of this year (as of now), according to the analyst, are Helldivers 2 and Palworld, which unexpectedly became very popular and attracted a huge amount of gamers' attention.

As a reminder, there was earlier information in the media that GTA 6 is moving to the final stage of development, as a result of which Rockstar Games asked its employees to switch to a five-day workweek in the office.

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