Analyst: PS5 Pro to be Released in 2024 to Coincide with GTA 6 Launch

21 February 2024

An analyst from the Tokyo-based company Kantan Games stated that in the second half of 2024, Sony may launch the PlayStation 5 Pro and link the console's advertising campaign with Grand Theft Auto 6.

According to the analyst, the advertising for the Pro version will focus on its power needed for large projects like GTA 6. Additionally, in a recent financial report, the company mentioned a decrease in sales of the standard PS5 in the current fiscal year, potentially indicating the arrival of the PS5 Pro.

Grand Theft Auto 6 will be the most ambitious project by Rockstar with the most lively open world in the series. The project is set to be released in 2025 exclusively on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

As a reminder, Rockstar Games removed Rockstar Editor from GTA 5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier.

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