User who predicted song in GTA 6 trailer reveals other game details

18 February 2024

The user with the nickname Well_Look_Whos_Back, who successfully predicted the song "Love Is A Long Road" by Tom Petty in the GTA 6 trailer, has shared other details of the game. The information has not been officially confirmed, so it should be taken as a rumor.

Here's what the user reported:

  • The ability to shoot with both hands simultaneously (Macedonian-style shooting);
  • There will be even more blood and dismemberment;
  • Sunsets will shine in different colors (orange, purple, and pink);
  • The ability to play 3-on-3 basketball;
  • Stealing a car from an NPC will be more difficult.

As a reminder, GTA 6 is set to release in 2025 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Rumor has it that the game will introduce revolutionary AI technology that will make NPC behavior much more realistic.

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