AI demonstrated what the new GTA would look like if the main action took place in Egypt

10 February 2024

A Reddit user with the nickname JackieChan1050 decided to explore how the new GTA might look if the main action unfolded in Egypt. The author published a video showing the result.

To achieve this, the enthusiast used the Midjourney neural network, which generated relevant images based on specific requests. Later, the author compiled all this into a video and added a voiceover.

GTA VII Egypt (Leaked Trailer)
byu/JackieChan1050 inmidjourney

By the way, earlier another user demonstrated what GTA 6 could look like if the game were about India, also using artificial intelligence.

As a reminder, the sixth installment is set to release in 2025 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. One of the in-game regions is Vice City, which is modeled after the American city of Miami.

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