The GTA 6 trailer has been recreated in The Sims 4

4 January 2024

Fans continue to recreate the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer in different games. Now enthusiasts have taken on The Sims 4 life simulation game. The video appeared on the YouTube channel DrGluon.

«Doc, this is a masterpiece! Well done!!!», — lala_sparkles8035.

«This was absolutely amazing. I am blown away and dying of laughter!», — lenaglerup8052.

«This turned out sooo good!!! you did an awesome job Doc!!», — kristaj1392.

«This is literally a MASTERPIECE. You’ve got talent my dude. Crazy cool», — stephanieperrine8062.

«This is INCREDIBLE!», — JenDoesSomething.

«This is truly genius GENIUS!!!!!», — resinmedias.

Recently, let's remember, a seductive Russian woman showcased a cosplay of the girl in a bikini from the first GTA 6 trailer. Additionally, a Brazilian sculptor created their own figure of Lucia and showcased it from different angles.

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