«The Florida Joker» recreated GTA in real life

28 December 2023

Former criminal Lawrence Sullivan, also known as «The Florida Joker», recently demanded $5 million in compensation from Rockstar Games for the use of his likeness in the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6. He has now posted a video on TikTok, transforming himself into a character from the game.

The video has garnered over 130,000 views on TikTok. In the comments, some users jokingly speculated that now Rockstar Games might sue Lawrence for copying Grand Theft Auto.

«He about to get sued for copying the character from GTA 6», — Jay2Beast.

«You're finally using it to your advantage», — Ben.

«Love this, keep it up dude», — appleuser42732946.

Earlier, let's remind, artist Renan Soares created his own figure of Lucia from Grand Theft Auto 6.

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