Players think they have found the girl who played Lucia in GTA 6

23 December 2023

Possibly, Reddit users have found the actress who played Lucia in Grand Theft Auto 6. In the gaming subreddit, they believe that the appearance and voice of the character were given by Ana Esposito from New York.

Game fans noted that she has the same voice as Lucia, as well as a similar facial structure (especially the shape of the eyebrows and lips). Her resume on Backstage and social media pages are closed. Since 2019, according to IMDb, she has not appeared anywhere — players believe that since then she has been collaborating with Rockstar.

«Out of all the theories Ive seen for who might be playing Lucia, this one undoubtedly stands out as the most convincing», — ElectriFix.

«Damn she sounds and looks the same», — Acceptable-Toe-6797

«Okay i just heard her voice reel. If that's not her I'll be very surprised», — NSNIA.

«She really does look and sound like Lucia», — Elothel.

«Sounds quite similar, you might be correct», — safebutthole.

Earlier, it's worth reminding, a Russian model showed a cosplay of the girl in a cap from the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer. Additionally, an enthusiast created miniature LEGO versions of Lucia and Jason and demonstrated them in a video.

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