The fan showed LEGO versions of Lucy and Jason from GTA 6

23 December 2023

The YouTuber MGF Customs, with 292 thousand subscribers, has a hobby — he turns famous comic book characters into miniature LEGO figures. Recently, the enthusiast decided to take a break from Marvel and DC heroes and create toys depicting Lucy and Jason, the main characters of Grand Theft Auto 6.

«These are awesome! Do you still have the Michael, Trevor and Franklin figures?», — apetersen.556.

«I know nothing about GTA but these look so fantastic!», — joeiorio9654.

«Looks awesome! I’m so hyped for this game!», — StudStudios1.

«These look great. Good job», — Brickmotionstudios07.

«Can i buy them?», — mcgorilla9698.

On the MGF Customs YouTube channel, you can find many other videos with LEGO figures of popular characters — Spider-Man, Batman, Thanos, Scarlet Witch, Green Goblin, and more.

Earlier, it's worth reminding, AI showed Grand Theft Auto 6 as a cartoon.

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