A girl in the image of Lucia from GTA 6 entered a real supermarket

19 December 2023

A user on the social media platform X (Twitter) with the handle Lucia Echeverría posted a video of a girl in the image of Lucia from Grand Theft Auto 6 who entered a real supermarket. There's a theory circulating online that the video was posted by the actress Alexandra Echavarri, who is presumed to have voiced the character.

Within just a day, the video garnered 2 million views and two hundred comments.

«Can't wait to tell you more,» the post with the video on X (Twitter) reads.

Earlier, let's remind, The Florida Joker once again threatened Rockstar Games for using his image in the first Grand Theft Auto 6 video. Additionally, fans showcased a wild version of the GTA 6 trailer.

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