Florida Joker has once again addressed Rockstar

17 December 2023

Former convict with face tattoos Lawrence Sullivan, known as Florida Joker, has made another appeal to Rockstar Games. This time he explained why his case differs from Lindsay Lohan's situation and gave the company an additional 48 hours to respond.

«I’ve contacted my lawyer, we’re building the biggest case on you. I want my pain and suffering money now!,» stated Lawrence Sullivan in the new video.

Earlier, Lawrence demanded 3 million dollars from Rockstar for the use of his image in the GTA 6 trailer.

As for Lindsay Lohan, in 2014, the Hollywood actress accused Grand Theft Auto 5 developers of using her appearance to create artwork with a bikini-clad girl. In the end, she lost the lawsuit against Rockstar Games, and all of her appeals were dismissed.

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