The fans created a wild version of the GTA 6 trailer

16 December 2023

YouTuber Mors Mutual Insurance released a wild version of the GTA 6 debut trailer, recreated in GTA Online. Within a few days, the video gathered over 400,000 views and nearly 30,000 likes.

«It's rare that a Youtube video actually makes me laugh out loud hysterically, let alone tear up. This did. Well done», — MrJumpyJ.

«This is a cinematic masterpiece! Where is the Oscar?», — 1XIII3.

«You did an impressive job with this one», — charlesnicholson7539.

«Man this is so well made, I love it so much, amazing work! Time to rewatch it again», — RandomPersonWasTaken.

«Quality content as always», — brzi95gaming76.

«Best parody trailer so far», — -DeZiRe-.

«This is genuinely pretty well made», — ada1.

«last scene was pure perfection 11/10», — tauront.

«The creativity from some people really makes me smile», — 1001000111.

Earlier, let's remind, the GTA 6 trailer leak made it into IGN's top 6 mind-blowing moments of 2023. Additionally, a girl from Reddit cosplayed as Lucia and made it to the top on the Grand Theft Auto 6 subreddit.

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