The GTA 6 trailer leak made it into IGN's top mind-blowing moments of 2023

16 December 2023

Portal IGN compiled the top 6 mind-blowing moments of 2023. The first place in the list was taken by the leak of the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 — the video, as a reminder, was leaked on X (Twitter) just a few hours before the official premiere. According to the editors of IGN, after the video leak, they had to conduct a re-vote for this award— the situation with the trailer received 63% of the votes.


  1. The Last Minute Run-In — The GTA 6 Trailer;
  2. Logan Roy’s Death;
  3. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — Discovering the Depths;
  4. Across the Spider-Verse’s Ending;
  5. Alan Wake 2’s We Sing Moment;
  6. Gen V’s Dicksplosion.

Earlier, let's remind, a girl showcased a cosplay of Lucia from GTA 6 and made it to the top on Reddit.

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