GTA 6 fans have compiled a list of details from the first trailer that you might have missed

14 December 2023

A group of Rockstar fans has published a comprehensive PDF file with all the details that could be noticed in the debut trailer of GTA 6. Here are the main highlights:

  • Birds can sit on power lines;
  • Airplanes now have condensation trails;
  • The gradient from dry to wet sand where the waves wash up is very realistic and detailed;
  • You can see at the beach a woman being sprayed with sunscreen, an NPC passing a soda or beer bottle to another NPC, a muscular guy with a fitness tracker, pedestrians with their pets, a man wearing AirPods etc.;
  • NPCs have their own belongings including: bags, towels, coolers, sunglasses, drinks, sun cream bottles,
  • phone models etc.;
  • Flip flop physics;
  • NPC phones have fully functional cameras and display screens;
  • Guardrails can now be deformed;
  • Lucia grips onto the frame of the vehicle when Jason is drifting;
  • Vehicle side mirrors now reflect what’s in front of them;
  • There are dusty handprints on the back of Jason’s vehicle;
  • Sweat can be seen on NPCs working out;
  • Jiggle physics;
  • There are muscle deformations and wrinkles on clothing when characters move;
  • The surface of the water is affected by wind;
  • There are incandescent light bulbs. The filament warms up and has a characteristic
  • fade-in/out appearance. LEDs, on the other hand, illuminate instantaneously;
  • In one of the shots, you can see an NPC filling his car with gas;
  • Pupil dilation returns from RDR2;
  • Tire deformation when Jason is driving the car;
  • The passenger, positioned towards the sidewalk, swings the open door facing the road as
  • a car passes by. He opens it just enough to ensure that the passing vehicle won't cause any
  • damage to the door;
  • Same as it can be seen in the leaked footage you can see three people walking together on the
  • sidewalk. In the past GTA games you only see NPCs walking alone, and not in groups;
  • Jason has a scar on his chin from shaving;
  • Jason’s ear is pierced twice;
  • Lucia has photos of her family in her cell;
  • Jason has bumper stickers on his car saying “Say No To Nuclear Power” and “Save The Bees”;
  • Jason has a Love Fist bracelet in the artwork;
  • There are bullet holes on the car in the official artwork, similar to the ones on the Bonnie & Clyde “death car;
  • The game’s official artwork is inspired by “Queen & Slim”;
  • You can see a fishing tackle in the store Jason and Lucia are robbing.

Before this, we wrote about the technical analysis of the trailer by Digital Foundry and references to real-life personalities. A detailed breakdown of the trailer can be read here.

GTA 6 is planned to be released in 2025 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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