GTA 6 trailer was recreated in Saints Row 2

12 December 2023

Enthusiasts continue to recreate the GTA 6 trailer in other games. This time, they decided to replicate scenes from the recent trailer in Saints Row 2. The video was published by YouTuber mrsaintsgodzilla21.

In the comments, players praise the video and consider it the best recreation of the GTA 6 trailer.

«This is awesome! Well done», — wereedbooks.

«Looks really close to original, good job», — amagostartdatbigfirekickba9865.

«Fantastic recreation of the GTA6 trailer», — TheGoman21.

«This is amazing», — xXxKAMIKAZExXx.

«If this had been the new Saints Row game if wouldn't have belly-flopped like it did», — dennisjeppesen9387.

«Looks better then the saints row reboot trailer for certain», — Deckersrules.

«Saints Row 6 looking great», — thattonnatoguywithafez8246.

Earlier, let's remind, the trailer was recreated in GTA 5, GTA: San Andreas, and even in Minecraft.

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