The GTA 6 trailer was recreated in GTA 5

10 December 2023

The YouTuber with the username GTA BELGIUM decided to recreate the debut trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 in Grand Theft Auto 5. The video gathered 438 thousand views and almost 1400 comments.

«This just makes me realise how much the graphics in gta 6 have improved», — Nattherat64.

«И есть люди, которые думают, что GTA 6 выглядит как GTA 5», — anderoliveira5269.

«And there are people who think that GTA 6 looks identical to GTA 5», — caseyrice768.

«GTA 5 Graphics did not looked dated until they released the GTA 6 Trailer, Amazing», — basimo5792.

«Now you can see how good the gta VI graphics really are. And there are still people who say they expected more...», — Melon69420.

«Excellent video, makes me appreciate GTA 6 graphics even more», — amanvermal.

«Just makes you realize how insane the difference in graphics between 5 and 6 is», — Sharkbayt1025.

There is another video created by Final Flame Productions. It has gathered 133 thousand views.

Earlier, let's remind, Grand Theft Auto 6 was shown with graphics like in Minecraft.

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