«‎We've been waiting for this moment for 10 years» and «‎The graphics look insane» - how gamers reacted to the GTA 6 trailer

5 December 2023

Today has been a real celebration for many Grand Theft Auto fans, as Rockstar Games revealed the first trailer for GTA 6, which millions of gamers around the world have been eagerly awaiting for so long. We've gathered the initial reactions from players to the premiere of the trailer.

«We've been waiting for this moment for 10 years, and it's finally here»‎, — MrDalekJD.

«Finally! We've missed those Vice City sunsets so much»‎, — ChillYourMind.

«The graphics look insane»‎, — MohiTGaminGWorlD.

«This is a historic moment»‎, — fritz250757.

«I'm just shocked. From playing Vice City on my computer as a kid to finally witnessing the emergence of this masterpiece»‎, — priyenshah5850.

«It's a great honor for me to be here after 10 years, we've finally witnessed this special moment that happens once in a lifetime»‎, — mcspear__1613.

«It took them over ten years to finally release a trailer. I thought we'd never see it»‎, — MilliePlaysShorts.

«It feels like a dream come true. Kudos to the guys who lived to see this masterpiece»‎, — invader63.

«Can't wait to play this»‎, — martincitopants.

«A moment of silence for all the souls who never got to see this day»‎, — ShuffleGamer.

In just a couple of hours, the trailer has garnered over 13 million views and 4 million likes.

Remember, GTA 6 is set to release in 2025 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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