Rumor: a new GTA 6 video has leaked

2 December 2023

Possibly, there has been another leak of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. A potential video from an early version of the game showcasing the city has surfaced on TikTok. There's speculation in the community that it might have been posted by the son or a friend of the son of Aaron Garbut, one of the developers of GTA 6 from Rockstar.

The account of the leak's author has already been deleted, indirectly confirming the authenticity of the video.

The person who leaked the video also disclosed details about the game. According to them, the map will be twice the size of GTA 5, featuring 3 major cities and 4 smaller ones, with a lake in the center. Gamers will be able to enter 70% of the buildings. He also mentioned that the project is set for release in the fall of 2024, unless it gets postponed.

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 will be revealed on December 5th on Rockstar's official YouTube channel.

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