A player leaked a snippet from the GTA 6 trailer. It's a fake

27 November 2023

In anticipation of the announcement of GTA 6, speculation about the game has started to intensify. On November 27th, a user on Twitter with the handle sm_leak allegedly leaked a snippet from the upcoming trailer of the project, reportedly shot on a smartphone.

The post with the video gathered over 200,000 views, but the author of the «leak» couldn't fool the players: their deceit was quickly discovered. As it turned out, the video was a montage of fan-made clips. Among other things, it showcased character models created by artist Hossein Diba.

«Who even falls for these?», — Paracosm_YT.

«Just fanart, again... Stop with your leak», — LACHAINEDEGTA.

«Fake but nice try», — ImJoseLP7.

«It literally gets more pathetic and awful every time somehow», — drakeshotsaucee.

«Time to block you bye», — 7vSZyVjHoE.

«Clearly very fake. But nice try», — SplitPro_Games.

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 will be revealed in December. The developers have not disclosed the exact date.

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