New Changes Spotted on Rockstar Games Website

21 November 2023

Rockstar continues to update their official website ahead of the full announcement of GTA 6. Yesterday, users noticed the studio's logo glowing in pink and blue hues, and today there have been changes related to the Social Club service.

As users report, logos have disappeared from the Social Club website, and many sections have been moved to the main Rockstar Games site. It is speculated that the studio may get rid of the service, which is disliked by many players.

In addition, the welcome message on the homepage has been updated. Where Rockstar previously invited to join "over 100 million Social Club members," it now speaks of "200 million members worldwide."

Just as a reminder, the debut trailer for GTA 6 is set to be shown at the beginning of December. Most likely, the premiere will take place at The Game Awards 2023 ceremony, which will be held from December 7 to 8. It was recently revealed that Rockstar is part of the advisory board for the ceremony.

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