The publisher of GTA 6 believes that AI will make NPCs in games «really interesting»

14 November 2023

Strauss Zelnick, the head of Take-Two Interactive, which will be the publisher for GTA 6, recently stated that he sees great potential in implementing artificial intelligence into the behavior of NPCs in video games.

‎«Everyone’s working on that. You’re a playable character, you’re interacting with the non-playable character. That interaction is currently scripted. And the non-playable characters are generally not very interesting. You could imagine all the NPCs becoming really interesting and fun», — said Strauss Zelnick, responding to a journalist's question about AI.

Whether artificial intelligence will be added to the generation of various scenarios for non-player characters in GTA 6 is not yet known, but modders are already actively using neural networks to «bring to life» NPCs in many games.

As a reminder, the first trailer for GTA 6 is expected to be shown in December.

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