Rockstar has opened new job vacancies for one of its studios. Possibly, this might be related to GTA 6

5 November 2023

Rockstar Games has opened three new job vacancies for one of its studios — Rockstar LA, located in Santa Monica (California, USA). Some people believe this could be linked to the development of GTA 6.

Specifically, the company is looking for casting assistants (who will be responsible for selecting voice actors) as well as a writer (who will help create character dialogues).

«Rockstar is on the lookout for a talented writer to work on dialogue for our ambient population. This is an entry-level role that will have you working alongside other writers to create exciting, interactive encounters with our games’ pedestrians», — the company's website says.

Recall, recently a popular insider with the nickname TezFunz2 revealed when GTA 6 might be announced.

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