Rumor: Information about the plot and new game mechanics of GTA 6 has appeared on the Internet (spoilers)

18 October 2023

Reddit user Snowk32 has shared detailed information about GTA 6, which he claims to have received from one of the game's developers. He provided no evidence of what he said, so all this should be taken as another rumor.

«I won’t be able to give out my source of this information, I completely understand everyone who’s skeptical and I'm not just one more of those "a friend of a friend" told me about this, believe me or not, I have a reliable source that worked in the game. I'm not asking you to blindly believe what I say, all I ask you is to please have some patience and wait until the teaser trailer gets released as it will likely confirm the information I will provide on this thread», — Snowk32.

Here's what the author claimed (beware, spoilers):

  • A special mechanic for detecting threats and valuable items has appeared in the game, inspired by the «Dead Eye» from Red Dead Redemption 2;
  • Rockstar Games has paid serious attention to the mechanic of searching for specific places on the map;
  • In the first mission, the player controls Jason (the first game character). The main task is to follow a plane that is about to land. On board is a Russian drug dealer. During this mission, the heroes are pursued by the police, and the drugs eventually fall into the ocean;
  • There's another mission where the characters have to retrieve lost drugs that are underwater;
  • Most of the mission planning takes place in a nightclub called «Vault»;
  • Lucia (the second game character) has a child who, according to the plot, she leaves in a store and goes to rob a bank. After that, she is arrested by the police. There will most likely be no children in the game, and the shown scene is a flashback;
  • A few years later, Lucia is released from prison. She is picked up by Jason, who shares his robbery plan with her. After a while, they fall in love with each other.

Rumor has it, the GTA 6 trailer might be shown on October 26.

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